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Parish Announcement

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15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

  1. The new issue of the Parish Newsletter will be distributed at the exits of the church today.
  2. The new academic year of St. Joseph's Sunday School will start in September 2024. Registration of new students has already begun, the minimum age for enrolment is 6 years old. The application form and guidelines can be obtained at the Parish Office or downloaded from St. Joseph’s Church's website.
  3. The new English Catechism Class for adults will commence on 8th October.  For details, please pick up a promotion card at the Church entrance.
  4. The Sunday Community of St. Joseph's Church are inviting you to join in for the Choir, who can play Guitar, piano and any Musical Instruments for the morning Mass Services. If interested, please register at the Sunday Office.
  5. You may have noticed that you are now sitting on refinished pews with brand new kneelers.  This project has taken more than 3 months of very hard work and big expenses. In order to make sure that these pews and kneelers last for many years to come, the Church is now requesting our parishioners to use them with consideration and loving care. One big problem encountered during the refinishing was the removal of stubborn chewing gum stuck on almost all of the pews. Also, it is with much regret that we have to report that one of the refinished pews is already damaged with black colourings.
  6. The Vox Antiqua choir, will hold a concert of sacred music at our church on Friday, July 19, at 8pm. The concert is entitled: "A Journey of Faith". Please scan the QR code for free registration. All are welcome.

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