Novena to St. Lorenzo

Novena to St. Lorenzo

“On September 29, 1637, Saint Lorenzo Ruiz professed his faith by Martyrdom. He was Beatified by Pope John Paul II in Manila and later Canonized on October 28, 1987. Saint Lorenzo Ruiz holds the distinction of being the first Person beatified outside the Vatican. He also holds the Honor of being the first Filipino Saint, the most improbable of Saints, as Pope John Paul II described him during the Canonization Ceremony.”

“Saint Lorenzo Ruiz, the first Filipino Saint, was the kind of man who could die for GOD and religion a thousand times if he had to…, Lorenzo Ruiz was a layman who worked as a Calligrapher for the Dominican parish of Binondo Manila, as an Escriba he was exceptional gifted and the Dominican Friars relied on him to transcribed baptismal, confirmation and marriage documents into the church’s official book. He was also an active member of the Marian Confraternity, a man the Dominican described as someone they could trust”.

“Little did Lorenzo Ruiz know, he and the Missionary Expedition led by Fray Domingo Ibańez was actually headed for Japan where Feudalism was fanning the flames of Christian persecution. Lorenzo Ruiz was headed straight into the arms of death. He was arrested and subjected to torture for more than a year, try to convince him to renounce his faith. His persecution said… deny your faith and we will spare your life, to which Lorenzo Ruiz answered; “I will never do it, I am a Catholic and happy to die for GOD, if I have a thousand lives to offer, I will offer them to God!””

“On September 22, 1637, Ruiz, Fray Domingo and 14 companions were hung upside down and died after several days. Ruiz died last on September 29, 1637.”

“The Lord give us Saint of the right time and God waited 350 years to give us this Saint”, the Holy Father then said. It is the heroism which he demonstrated, as a lay witness to the faith which is very important in today’s world. The witness of St. Lorenzo Ruiz is the testimony we need, courage without measures, to show us that it is possible, faith and life for Lorenzo Ruiz was synonymous and inseparable, life without faith would have been without value. He proved that sanctity and heroism are there for anybody and the final victory is made to seize for one of us!

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

V: No one lives for himself, and no one dies for himself.
R: We live and die for our God and our Lord, to Him belongs all that lives.

Let us Pray:

God our loving Father, we praise You!
We thank you for crowning our Filipino brother, Lorenzo Ruiz with martyrdom. Through his intercession, enable us by Your Holy Spirit of love, to live and die for You and your beloved people hoping that we may be transformed day by day in to the likeness of Your son Jesus.
United with Him around the table of His Eucharistic sacrifice, inspire us to surrender ourselves to be taken by You, Father, to be blessed, broken, and shared with and for others in love and unity, so that our beloved country may attain that peace we long for.
We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God for ever and ever. Amen.


O God, our loving Father: Your Son Jesus Christ delivered himself in sacrifice to You for the love of men. Inspire us to love You with all our heart to the point of sacrifice.
Your providential hand led your servants Saint LORENZO and Companions to the land of Japan to imitate the sacrifice of Christ and to proclaim the Gospel of truth and the message of salvation. We humbly beseech You, through the intercession of these holy martyrs, that we be given the grace of remaining faithful to You always as they did; that the light of the Gospel illumine all corners of our Christian motherland and of all countries near and far; and for your greater honor and glory and for our edification.
We ask You this through Christ our Lord. AMEN.
(Mention here, silently, the special favor you ask for through this Novena.)

Prayer for the sick:

Saint Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila and Martyr Companions, to you do we come for help.
Help us to have the same faith and love that you had for God. We call upon you today on behalf of our ailing beloved ones. By your prayers and intercession obtain for them, not only comfort and peace for their souls, but also vigor, strength and health for their bodies. We place our entire confidence in you because we know that God loves you and that you care for us. We earnestly pray that our sick ones be purified and revitalized in every cell, tissue, nerve and organ, so that the bodily limbs may function effectively again. Through your powerful intercession help our sick to receive the grace of God’s miraculous compassion, so that they will be completely whole again, and thereby be able to continue serving God faithfully in this life to the best of their strength and to attain the salvation to which you arrived. Amen.

Prayer in times of adversity:

Beloved LORENZO DE MANILA and Companion Martyrs: You, who experienced the supreme sacrifice of martyrdom for the proclamation of the Christian faith, inspire us with your strength and firmness of conviction to withstand the adversities of our lives and the difficulties of our existence. Teach us with your marvelous example and saintly wisdom to turn trials into blessings, by showing us the glory that comes from discovering the redemptive power of God’s love. When times are full of grief, when moments are suffused with worry, let us feel your presence in our midst, so that we will be aware that you are by our side, strengthening us and interceding for us before Almighty God that we may have patience in our sufferings and consolation in our hardships. Help us realize that only in knowing our weakness can we be strong, only in undergoing sadness can we find real happiness, and only in passing through trials and distress can we find peace, encouragement and spiritual joy. Amen.

Pray Our Father; 3 Hail Mary & Glory be…

V: Our lady of the most holy rosary.
R: Help us to ponder and live by the mysteries of the life of Jesus.
V: San Lorenzo and companions.
R: Pray for us that we may live and die for our faith. Amen.
R: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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