Application form for Wedding Ceremony at St Joseph’s Church (English)

Procedures & Guidelines

    1. Catholic who intends to marry at St. Joseph’s Church shall contact the Parish Office for inquiry about the marriage.
    2. Stipulated by the Diocese of Hong Kong, notice should be given at the Church of the wedding as early as possible, in any case, at least 6 months before the proposed wedding date, in particular for those who currently reside overseas.
    3. The proposed couples shall attend a pre-marital formation programme organized by The Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council or Caritas Family Service etc., who is encouraged to enroll six months prior to the wedding to secure a place in such programme.
    4. A Pre-Marriage inquiry will be conducted by a priest. The inquiry may take place either before or after the pre-marriage formation programme.
    5. The proposed couple shall submit a baptismal certificate issued within six months, a license of the Marriage Registry, and other necessary documents.
    6. The date of the wedding shall be confirmed only when a pre-marriage inquiry has been duly conducted and all required documents are submitted.
    7. The Parish disclaims all responsibilities for any wedding invitation sent out before the proposed place and date of the wedding has been duly approved by the Parish Priest.

Please click here to read the Guidelines for Catholic Intending Marriage on the website of Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong.

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