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St. Joseph's is a growing community with a diverse mix of culture and ethnicity, of new families, teens, young adults, and, seniors who have been with St. Joseph's since it was the little Church on Garden Road. All are welcome; all are part of the fabric that makes us a Church of Christ. There are many ways to get involved with Parish 

life and to serve the Body of Christ. Learn more about who we are as a community, worshiping at St. Joseph's, faith formation for lifelong learning, ways to serve through pastoral care - ways to take another step on your journey through a truly meaningful life with an aim to enrich our spirituality.


St. Joseph's parishioners are involved in many forms of service - to our Church community, the local community, and beyond.


1. Altar Servers

2. Eucharistic Ministry

3. Lectors 

4. Music and Choir

5. Offertory Collectors 

6. Filipino Ministry Groups  

7. Ushers

St. Joseph's Ladies Guild

St. Joseph’s Ladies’ Guild was started in 1969 by expatriate ladies at St. Joseph's parish. It is a charity approved by the HKSAR government. The aim of the Ladies’ Guild is to promote friendship and fellowship among our members, to provide service to St. Joseph's parish, and where deemed necessary, to also provide service and raise fund for the poor and needy from time to time.

Members of the Guild today include ladies of different nationalities. Meetings are held every Tuesday morning, at 10:00 a.m. (during the months of September through to June), starting with mass in the Church, followed by fellowship meetings in the Lower Church Hall, Activities include Bible study, talks from/about charity groups, handicraft sessions, special outings and gatherings and fundraising activities.

There are usually a fundraising Christmas bazaar and also one in the Spring every year in the Church grounds to benefit various causes so that proceeds of those fund raising activities are donated to local charities including Missionaries of Charity, St. James’s Settlement Food Bank, Little Sisters of the Poor, Youth Outreach, as well as the handicapped.

For further information, please contact

Finance Committee - The compose of parish volunteers appointed by the Parish Priest 

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