14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

  1. With gratitude, the long-planned Church external wall painting project will begin at the second week of July, and is estimated to take half a year to complete. A scaffolding will be erected by then, but parking will not be affected. Thank you for your kind attention.
  2. You may have noticed that you are now sitting on refinished pews with brand new kneelers.  This project has taken more than 3 months of very hard work and big expenses. In order to make sure that these pews and kneelers last for many years to come, the Church is now requesting our parishioners to use them with consideration and loving care. One big problem encountered during the refinishing was the removal of stubborn chewing gum stuck on almost all of the pews. Also, it is with much regret that we have to report that one of the refinished pews is already damaged with black colourings. Many thanks for your kind attention. God bless.

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