Pentecost Sunday

  1. May is the month of our Blessed Mother Mary.  The Apostleship of Prayer Community cordially invites you to join their celebration next Sunday May 26.   Assembly will start at 1pm, and will be followed by procession, Eucharistic Mass and Holy Rosary.  All are welcome.
  2. There will be a May Flower Festival and Food Bazaar next Sunday, May 26, from 7 am to 4 pm, with a special Tagalog Mass and procession of Mama Mary. All are welcome.
  3. Legion Mary has an expansion campaign in May. Those who are interested in exploring, please come to the counter beside the Lower Hall.
  4. We are inviting volunteers to join our Parish Flower Power Group. Our main responsibility is to prepare 2 floral arrangements for the altar. You will be required to serve once every 4-5 weeks. The flowers have to be ready by 12 noon on Saturdays. If interested, please send your name and contact number to the Parish Office.
  5. Parishioners who want to take home some holy water, please bring your own container to take the holy water from the glass jar in the lobby and the church hall.  Please be careful not to let the holy water drip on the floor as it can be slippery and can cause injury to others.
  6. The Little Sisters of the Poor is going to take up their annual collection today at the exits of the Church, please kindly support.  (Sr. _______  is going to share with us the services of Little Sisters of the Poor.)

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