6th Sunday of Ordinary Time

  1. February 14 is Ash Wednesday. There will be ashes given in the daily Mass at 7:45 am, 12 noon and 6 pm on that day, as well as the anticipated Masses and Sunday Masses on Saturday & Sunday February 17 & 18.
  2. As this year Ash Wednesday is the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, the faithful are dispensed from fast and abstinence on that day in accordance with the practice of our Diocese. The faithful, however, are still obliged to choose for themselves some other suitable forms of penance or acts of charity.
  3. The Way of the Cross will be held every Friday after the daily Mass at 6 pm starting from February 16 during Lent. All are welcome. Parishioners can also perform the Way of the Cross at any time at the 14 Stations of the Cross in the open area of the Church.
  4. During Lent, all the faithful are obliged to pray more and to perform more acts of penance and charity.  Making donations to help the needy is one of the acts of charity.  Parishioners please take the donation envelopes and boxes at the entrance of the Church and make donations to support the Lenten Campaign. 
  5. The Sunday Office is now set up at the entrance of the covered carpark every Sunday.  Parishioners who have any requests may visit the Sunday Office for assistance.
  6. Our Filipino community invites volunteers who love to sing to join our new Choir. Please look for Arsie in the Sunday Office for registration.
  7. Our Parish does not accept donations of used items like clothing, etc.  Parishioners please do not leave or discard any items at the Church area.

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