32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

  1. November is the month to commemorate our Faithful Departed. FORMS are available at the entrance and exit doors.
  2. We are selling the annual Caritas – Hong Kong Charity Raffle Tickets. The price for each ticket is HK$20. All funds raised will be used to support Caritas – Hong Kong’s various services to the community.  Thank you for your generosity!
  3. As our Church is going to celebrate the Feast of Black Nazarene in Hong Kong on January 7, 2024, we invite everyone to attend the Nine consecutive Novena of Jesus, The Black Nazarene every Sunday at 12:30pm starting from November 5. We are also recruiting volunteers to join the group Sons and Daughters of Black Nazarene. For more information please contact: Bro. Joel Aledia- +852 5580 2177.
  4. Our Parish’s Grotto is a prayerful corner for our parishioners for many years.  Since the Grotto has been continuously and seriously damaged by the trees grown above it and further repairs are futile, our Parish decides to replace the Grotto with a new one.  The work will start on Monday, November 13 and target to complete on Thursday, November 16.  If parishioners want to keep a snapshot of the Grotto before it is demolished, please feel free to do so this weekend. 
  5. The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chorus will hold its “Mozart’s Complete Missae Breves Lecture Concert” at our Church on December 1, 2023 at 8pm. This concert is one of the performances of the Hong Kong Hymno Festival 2023. The concert is free of charge, those who are interested can register through the QR Code. 

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