4th Sunday of Easter – 30 April, 2023 Week of 1 May to 6 May, 2023


Before collecting donations:

There will be a second collection today, in support of the diocesan Holy Spirit Seminary.

  1. Celebration programme of St. Joseph the Worker Feast Day will be held on Monday 1st May, 9AM to 5PM, Eucharistic celebration at 12Noon. All are welcome.
  2. There will be a Memorial Mass on Tuesday 2 May at 8:00pm which will be offered for the departed. You may bring the photos of departed family member(s) and display them on the altar. This will be a regular Memorial Mass which will be held on the first Tuesday of each month.
  3. St. Joseph’s Ladies’ Guild will hold a Spring Clearance Sale next week May 6, Saturday 3-7pm & May 7, Sunday 8-12noon at the parish. There will be a variety of good-condition used items donated by their members to raise fund for charity. Items include toys, books, homeware and pre-owned clothings. Due to this event, the carpark will be partially occupied and limited the number of parking spaces. Please make use of the public meter carpark nearby.
  4. The Church is recruiting volunteers to start a group “Sons and Daughters of the Black Nazarene” This group will help support the devotion of Black Nazarene in the community. If you are interested, please send your name, mobile number, and the Mass that you usually attend to the email address of the Parish Office by May 7. The email address is stjosephs.hk@gmail.com.

Sunday 9am & 10am mass:
Confession is available at the back of the church at 11:00am.

Before 11:30 am mass, please announce:Confession is available at the back of the church until 12:30noon.

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