7th Sunday of Ordinary Time – 19 February, 2023 Week of 20 February to 25 February, 2023


  1. 22 February is Ash Wednesday, all faithful who have completed their 14th year are to abstain from meat. Those who have completed their 18th year but have not yet begun their 60th year are also obliged to fast. On Ash Wednesday there will be ashes given in the daily Mass at 7:45a.m., 12 noon and 6p.m. There will be ashes given also in every mass held on Saturday & Sunday 25 & 26 February.
  2. To help our parishioners be well prepared for the Lent and Pascal Triduum, there will be Lenten Confession in the Church on Sunday 26 February & 5 March, 10a.m. – 12nn, 1-3p.m. All faithful are welcome.
  3. For the palms taken last year, faithful can bring them back to the Church and leave them in the collection box at the entrance of the Church.
  4. During the Lenten period, the Way of the Cross will be held every Friday after 6P.M. mass, started from 24 February. All faithful are welcome.
  5. Wooden benches are placed in front of the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, parishioners can make good use of them when pray and meditate there.

Sunday 10am mass only:
Confession is available at the back of the church at 11:00am.

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